Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Discovery of a More-Present Mother #1

Apparently, my daughter is well-acquainted with the school nurse and frequently visits her office.

I have never received a phone call from the school nurse regarding Evie's well-being.  Clearly, Evie is a bit of a wimp.  I only discovered this because Luke needed minor medical attention and the nurse announced, "Luke isn't a frequent visitor to my office, but I do see his sister more often . . ."

Ah, well . . . at least Evie knows (and has announced) who her favorite person in the school office is:  The School Nurse. 

The school auction is coming up and one of the items is a half day with the School Nurse, including lunch.  I think Evie might actually have some interest in this item.  I would have never guessed until yesterday.

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Angie said...

That's so cute. :) I bet the school nurse gets a real kick out of such a sweet little girl.