Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where am I? Where are you?

Holy crap!  It's been a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time!  Hope you all are well.  I'm getting into the swing of my new lifestyle, but I can't say it isn't without some challenges.  I've often stated that I wouldn't make a very good stay at home mom, and I was correct!  The kids whine everyday because I don't let them go play at the park before going home to do their homework.  I'm mean.  Maybe I'll let them stay today and play in the snow - yick. 

So, here's the update. 
  1. We went to Disney World for Christmas.  The kids were not particularly excited, but they are now talking about "when they go to Disney World again . . . " and what they will do there.
  2. Christmas was weird.  You know it's my favorite holiday, but this year we spent it in a hotel in Orlando.  The kids hung out at the pool and I watched with envy while it snowed (ON CHRISTMAS DAY) in Fort Worth.  What the hell?!  Chuck was annoyed because I pouted about missing the white Christmas all day.  What can I say?  I really, really like Christmas and the idea of a white Christmas makes me pee my pants with excitement.
  3. New Year's Eve was spent at with our friends Caroline, Wayne and Eva.  Evie and Eva are convinced that they could be twin sisters.  They are practically inseperable and want to live with each other.  We are doing our best to convince them that they are not actually twin sisters.
  4. The kids spent a few days with my brother and sister-in-law before going back to school. They had a blast!  I love it when they have fun with their cousins.  I'm going to have to reciprocate now that I have a little more time on my hands.
  5. The kids finally went back to school on January 8.  They were not happy about it, but we are getting back into a routine even though it is new and different now that I'm picking them up from school.  They keep asking me when the babysitters are coming back.  I think they are disappointed that I'm back for good.  Plus, I refuse to buy them crap and take them out to dinner all the time because we don't have my salary to spend as generously as we used to.  They don't get it and are plotting ways for me to make money.  I roll my eyes.  Spoiled little kids.
  6. George and Evie started basketball.  Evie inherited my complete lack of athletic ability. She said she wanted to play basketball, but she stood there the entire time playing with her nails.  I'm not so sure about this.  As we say . . . at least she's pretty.  George, on the other hand, is a freaking rock star and LOVES basketball.  He'll do just about anything to go to basketball practice or get to see his coach - Coach Troy.  Coach Troy is an attorney I worked with at my old firm.  He and his wife may be the kindest people I know.  So glad they are willing to put up with this crazy family.  Coincidentally, Evie's coach is also an attorney that I had the pleasure of working with on one of my cases in the past 18 months.  Weird, right?
  7. With my changed career, I have been able to volunteer for Meals on Wheels. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest organizations in the community.  I've always wanted to do this and I'm finally able.  I LOVE it!  It is so fulfilling and provides a feeling of community and giving back with direct and obvious benefits.  My first delivery was last Friday.  Best. Feeling. Ever! The kids don't have school next Friday so I'm planning to take them with me on my deliveries.  I hope they will see how much good can be done in the community and how much need exists too. Maybe, just maybe, they will see that they've got a pretty good life full of "wants" but not very many "needs."
  8. Next Monday the kids also don't have school.  That's right, it's a freaking four-day weekend after two weeks back at school.  Thirty days ago, this would have been a major headache with Chuck and me playing "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to decide who would stay home with the kids and who would get to go to work.  Now, I'm handling it all on the homefront.  It has brought a lot of calm to our lives.  Anyway, I think I'm going to take the kids for a tour of Lighthouse for the Blind - my other favorite non-profit organization in town.  It helps that I'm on the inside with the people who run it.  In fact, I was honored to serve the Christmas dinner to the employees on December 20th.  I am so very blessed.
  9. In other news . . . I'm FAT!  Aaackkk!  To be frank, I really enjoyed doing all the things that made me fat - holiday food, Disney World, drinking, Champagne Thursdays, etc.  But, now it's time for me to haul my fat butt back on the diet bandwagon.  Barf.  I hate dieting.  Hate. It.
Now, I have other posts about Disney World that I put together and just never got posted, so please look for those soon.  Hopefully, this is my return to the blogosphere, although I can't say that many people missed me.  My mom, Chuck, and FWAtty were the only ones who even mentioned my lack of blogging, so at least I'm not letting down a huge fan base.  What a headache.

Hope you all have a beautiful, cold Tuesday!


FWAtty said...

Hooray you are back--between you and Professional Motherhood being mia--I have had to spend way more time actually "working" rather then reading my daily blogs :( Glad you are adjusting to your "new life!" Very excited for you!

Laura said...

I'm glad your back too! So fun to hear an update on how things are going on the home front.

Angela said...

I will happily trade you all future white Christmases in Ohio for a nice warm Christmas in TX.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming back. I really missed your updates. Mom. Can't use the regular posting.

Jessica said...

I missed it and can't wait to read about Disney World.

Angie said...

I missed you too. :) I'm glad that things are going well for you and can't wait to hear more from you.

Angie said...

I'm coming back soon....hopefully. :)

Jess said...

So glad you're back!

Aday_lady said...

I checked in but figured you will giving it up as a full time mom? :)