Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reminders for us all.

As a follow up to Monday's post, and confirmation of Stephanie's words and my encouragement to live life to the fullest, please take time to visit the blog A Cup of Tea With Carol for the post "If I Could Do It All Over Again".  Such fabulous advice for moms and dads in that post.  Read every bit of it and try to do one or two of those things this week.  I'm definitely adopting some of these great ideas!  I love the idea of reading a joke at dinner every night.  Great laughter and fun for the family.

As for us, the kids are at Camp Thurman this week.  Luke and Evie went there for the first time last summer.  It is just a day camp, but they loved it!  This year, George is old enough to go too.  Unfortunately (for me), his camp only lasts until 1:30 so I have to pick him up early and then go back at 4:00 to get the other two.  I end up doing a lot of driving, but knowing how much fun they are having makes it worth the effort.  I wish I had some pictures to prove how dirty, exhausted and happy they are.  I'll try to take some today.

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