Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Whoa! I'm dizzy! Have I been drinking?

Turns out, I haven't been drinking, but I sure am dizzy!  I have been ever since I got off the cruise.  It's the strangest thing, especially since I didn't have any dizziness or equilibrium problems while I was on the ship.  After three days of being off the ship, I was still dizzy, so I decided to check it out.  I Googled, "Dizzy after cruise", and I was shocked to find out that post-cruise dizziness is very common, especially in women "of a certain age."  It's official title is Mal de debarquement syndrom or MDDS for short.  The article below says that 90% of the people who suffer MDDS are women and hypothesize that it has something to do with the inner ear and our hormones. 

Here's the article in USA today about it, "Vertigo After Cruise Ship Vacation."  Who knew?!  This is crazy!  So, I'm still dizzy, and constantly feeling like I should hold onto something for a little extra balance or start reciting, ". . .and the boat wocked and wocked . . ." [10 points to someone who can identify that quote].  Instead, this could last up to a month, with nothing to stop it but time.  Weird.  Anybody else ever have this???


Mary said...

I have that for a day or so after a cruise too.

Joan said...

No idea what that quote is from.
Get some of mom's meclizine (Antivert) for dizziness. It is available over the counter.

Anonymous said...

Aday_lady: I felt like my chair at work was moving side to side for days after the cruise we took in 2006 :)