Monday, August 5, 2013

Last Lake Weekend of the Summer

We went to the lake this weekend with one of my dear friends and her family.  It is actually her family's lake house.  We had such a lovely time even though we were only there for less than 48 hours.  We drove in Friday night after the kids got out of camp and then drove back Sunday morning.  But the lake was wonderful despite the heat.  And we had so much fun just floating and playing on the boat . . . and eating more food than we should have.
Even though the kids had a full day at camp, Evie was ready to go!

Of course, they passed out together.  Best kids ever!

Lots of floating and boating!

My friend Crystal loaded up her son Carter and George onto the tube for the first ride!

Colt riding on the tube.  We couldn't throw him off.

Evie took the wheel.  She spent the entire weekend surrounded by boys, so we gave her a special job to help make her day fun!

Carter and Luke were joined at the hip all weekend!

So, this is probably our last summer weekend of fun.  We head back to school so soon.  And don't think I'm not looking forward to it even though this has been a simply amazing summer!

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