Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New School, New Life

George started Pre-K last week.  He's going to a new school. I adored his old school, but Chuck wanted to try out this new school at our church.  The school isn't actually new; it's just new to us.  I digress.  The point is that George is back in school and this time, he's in uniform!  I can't stand how cute he looks, but it wrenches my heart that he's growing up, not to mention that now I have to make sure his laundry is done regularly also.  I really like the option of throwing on just whatever is in his drawer at the time.  Of course, Evie and Luke are in uniforms too so it really doesn't make much difference. 

George is taking to Catholic school pretty well.  His teacher is young, sweet, and pretty.  He's a lucky kid in almost every way, of course.

My  niece Amber moved in this weekend.  She starts her first classes of her college career tomorrow! 

And finally, Luke and Evie start back next week.  I have to admit, this week has been soooo quiet!  No visitors, just two kids in the house. Amazing!  Things will really get back to normal next week.

This was my first summer where I wasn't at work full-time and depending on a nanny or a babysitter or an au pair to care for my children.  There have been ups and downs, for sure.  For example, the kids are here all the live long day.  That's a negative and a positive.  Positive: We don't have to wake up and rush out of the house.  Negative and Positive: the kids aren't on their ADD medication.  Negative: The kids are restless and want to play video games all day long.  Positive: I don't have to work on three hours of homework after school every day.  Negative: They are in the house more so it is messy all the time.  Negative: We aren't on a schedule.  Positive: We aren't on a schedule.  The list goes on and on.  But, one thing remains true.  When I was working and now, when I'm not working full-time, I still want those kids to go back to school.  I'm ready, even if they aren't.

Hope your back to school experiences are going well and the tears are at a minimum.  Next year, George will start Kindergarten, and I'm pretty sure there will be some waterworks on my part.  So, I'm sending hugs to all you moms out there who are starting a new chapter with your kids:  To Taylor who is sending her two month old baby to daycare for the first time, To Carla who is sending her youngest off to Kindergarten on Monday, To Krista who is sending her oldest off to middle school, To Mary who is sending her daughter off to college, and to Gayla who will watch youngest son marry his true love next month.  We mothers are always saying goodbye with each stepping stone our children take.  They are precious memories, so live them well!

Hugs to all of you!

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Angie said...

Holy crap, George is A-DOR-ABLE.