Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's a doozy of a December!

The snow - that is STILL on the ground on DAY 7 in Texas - has made us all crazy.  Seriously, it's so weird around here.  I've never seen the white stuff stick around for so long!!!

Yes, he's wearing shorts.  Yes, they mailed my "Mother of the Year" trophy yesterday...
Anyway, like geniuses, we also managed to snow ourselves in deeper than everyone else because our sprinkler system went off at 4 a.m. the night the storm hit.  I'm sure smarter people would have considered it, but we did not -- until DAYS later.  Geez.  This is the view of the house on Day 6 which reached 50 degrees.

Nonetheless, I've been keeping up with the pictures, just not the posting.  So this is a picture post, just for you (until I get back from my Disney cruise)!

Here we are making fun faces in the camera.  These are just a couple examples out of hundreds!


Murphy kept busy also.  He wrapped toilet paper around the Christmas tree.

He sent them a note via Cheerios.

And this morning, he hung their underwear up instead of their stockings. The kids did NOT thing this was funny at all.  They were quite offended.

And then, tomorrow is this little guy's FIFTH birthday!!!!  Can you believe it?  We celebrated early, since the kids and I are heading out on a Disney cruise after school tomorrow.  By the way, do you see a theme in the gifts he received?

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing