Monday, December 2, 2013

Murphy & More

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house.  I was so excited when George offered to help decorate the Christmas tree - even if he was missing his pants!

Also, our Elf on the Effing Shelf arrived yesterday. Remember my post about a week ago?  Well, I'm in full swing, and so far it's been a success.  The kids are super impressed with our elf this year.  He arrived with a long letter and brought Santa's favorite movie - Miracle on 34th Street - for them to watch last night.

This morning, he was in the kitchen and had written out a shopping list for candy, candy corn, candy canes, and syrup.  They were laughing at how silly he was.

Can't wait to see what he does tomorrow.

In other news, Chuck and I had to reveal the World's Biggest Secret to Luke this weekend.  He saw some presents he wasn't supposed to see, so the jig was up.  Plus, Chuck and I had already been discussing whether or not we should break it to him this year anyway.  I know a ton of kids his age aren't in the dark anymore, so I figured he must have a clue.  Turns out he was terribly naive.  We went ahead and told him.  After all, I didn't want him to find out from some kids at school and then
be laughed at or anything even sadder than what happened in our own home.  He took it like a man, but said he was sad and wished he didn't know.  I was pretty sad too. 

We talked about how the Secret helps kids believe in stuff they can't see - important stuff - like God, love, trust, and so many more things that we encounter as we get older and wiser.  Luke said he was just going to let it all sink in and blow over.  :(  He got to stay up late and drink a beer with us (root beer, that is) while he and Chuck watched Pumpkin Chunkin', and when he went to bed, everything seemed back in order.

The next morning, when Murphy (the Elf) arrived, he acted like nothing had changed.  He may not have been ready for the big reveal, but I think we made the right decision, and he get's to play along.  Hoping it will all be fine.

Now that I've had that talk and the sex talk, what could be left?  Don't answer.  I'm sure there's plenty.

Also, I'm starting my list of Christmas Movies we are watching this season. No quotes, because I'm pretty sure I've covered almost all of them.  So here's the start:

1.  Love Actually (adults only)
2.  Serendipity
3.  Miracle on 34th Street
4.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the live version)
5.  Elf
6.  While You Were Sleeping
...more to come!

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