Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Time Fun!

Having a fun summer week even though we aren't traveling like all our friends.  Of course, when I was younger we didn't have month-long vacations to Colorado, so I don't really know what I'm missing. 

We are so lucky to have my niece Alexa (Amber's sister) visiting.  Alexa has helped us entertain the kids this week.  In our typical fashion, we've continued our "boarding house" routine with lots of visitors.

My sisters, Cathy and Mary (Alexa & Amber's mom) came to visit this weekend - all on the spur of the moment!  We had a great time!  After I finished my 12 miles on Saturday morning (and hobbled around the rest of the day), we went to lunch at Joe T's, spent some time sunbathing by the pool and watched movies (Frozen & Mamma Mia) that evening.  I can't tell you how much I adore those special times with my sisters.  They sure don't happen very often and I'm sad I couldn't plan it more in advance so that my sister Joan could be there too.

Yesterday we had one of Luke's oldest friend come over for a day of fun - Savannah (remember her?) was here and they went swimming, played Mine Craft, went to lunch with me (after my client meeting), and had an overall good time!  Then we were surprised with a play date with Luke's friend from school, Gabe.  He's a hoot!  And then they were lucky enough to have a sleepover at our house.  Of course, we started with dinner with a big group (Savannah's parents and others) at a local burger joint.  Delicious!  And then waiting with excitement for the ice cream man to come by.  Also delicious!

Nothing makes my heart happier than a full house!  I adore my family and friends!  And, of course, all of them adore the kittens!

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