Wednesday, March 4, 2015

George's First Tooth Goes to the Tooth Fairy!

George lost his first tooth yesterday!  I picked him up at the end of the day and when he opened his m mouth I could see the thing practically laying flat against his gums.  I'm not a big fan of teeth, but this one had to come out before he swallowed it!  So, he handed me the tissue that was in his hand and I reached in and popped it out with barely any effort at all.  He didn't even feel it come out because it was soooo loose!

He is officially grown up!

We were on the front steps of the school when I pulled it out so I insisted that we go into the nurse's office and get one of those little plastic treasure boxes to carry it home.  I'm certain we would have lost it otherwise.

When we got home, the first thing he did was put it in his Tooth Fairy pillow that he got for Christmas (I'm patting myself on the back for the perfect timing!).  For all the new moms out there, I highly recommend picking up one of these pillows.  The Tooth Fairy does not want to have to be digging in the dark under a huge pillow, lots of blankets, and a sleeping child to retrieve the tooth and place the cash.

When I went to bed, the kids were still awake, so obviously the Tooth Fairy hadn't arrived but when Chuck got home they were finally asleep.  He went to check on the Tooth Fairy pillow and low and behold, he found this note right under the pillow.

Here is what it says, just in case you can't read it.

To: Toothfairy
Could you please leave something for Evie and Luke, Too.
from: Luke, Evie, and George 
This is the only thing to write on.
Can you believe the audacity of this kid, whose name is Evie?!  I mean, now, not only is the Tooth Fairy on the hook for paying for George's tooth, but she/he/whatever is also being asked to leave money for the toothless kid's siblings?  Uh, hell to the no.  And I know it was Evie because it is obviously her handwriting.  Yes, the Gold Digger.  What worries me most is that if she is willing to ask the mythical Tooth Fairy for money, is she also asking her friends' parents for money?  Heaven help me.  I certainly hope not!

Anyway, this brings up the question of money.  This was quite a discussion yesterday (before the Tooth Fairy received the greedy, money-grubbing note): What is the going rate that the Tooth Fairy is paying for teeth?  Have you heard how much kids are getting for these things?  It's ridiculous!  Some kids were saying that they got $20 and one kid got $100.  Are you kidding me?!  I think I got a quarter or two - maybe a dollar if I was lucky.  But one hundred effing dollars is outrageous!  I did a little research so we'd know what to expect George to have in his pillow when he woke up and most websites had a consensus of $5 as the average rate.  Here's a link to one that was posted on February 28th, which apparently is Tooth Fairy Day?  Did you know they have Tooth Fairy Day?  Yeah, me either.

Needless to say, the siblings didn't receive anything other than the response note shown below which reads, "Dear Luke, Evie, and George: I'm sorry, but I only bring money for baby teeth.  Love, Tooth Fairy"

So even though Luke and Evie don't get to double dip on the Tooth Fairy money, George pulled out a win with $3.00.  He was thrilled this morning!  And that's all that matters in this story!

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Anita Campbell said...

That was a pretty smooth move by the kids. At first you would think that it’s kind of nice of him to have all of his siblings earn from his tooth, but the truth is that it was all just a trick! Anyway, I think the tooth fairy had a great comeback for it. Haha! Thanks for sharing!

Anita Campbell @ Throgs Neck Dental