Tuesday, March 3, 2015

V-day 2015 (a little late!)

I don't think I posted my Valentine's Day pictures this year, because they suck.  No worries, I'm still willing to share my bad pictures with you!  Here are my three crazies.  I was pleased that they embraced red clothing at the very least.  But I guess kids will do anything if they thing it pays out in candy.

I know.  The picture is terrible with the lighting and all that, but I'm pretty sure you all know I'm rubbish at photography by now.

Here is my favorite part!!! Eeeek!  I can't get over how much these kids make me laugh without even trying!  Precious Luke had to decorate a shoe box for his Valentine's Day exchange.  Reminder: he's in 5th grade.  I asked him if he had finished it and he grunted, "Uh huh."  I low this is not enough to trust, so I asked him to show it to me.  He brought it over to the couch where I was lounging with a glass of wine and held it up in front of my face with a sigh of tween angsty annoyance . . .

. . . and then I spit out my wine and choked on my spit as I laughed out loud with no shame or ability to hid my amused reaction, because just take a look at this.

Can you read it?!  If you can't let me tell you what words my innocently sweet boy wrote on the top of his box.  "Free hugs" in a box on the top right corner.  In the bottom middle, there is an arrow pointing to the hole saying, "Valentine's Here." And then the coup de gras, another arrow pointing at the hole stating, "Lovers Only".  Oh, dear heavenly Lord, I just about died laughing.  And then I felt only a smidgen of guilt when he started to get embarrassed because Chuck had glanced over and was also cringing and laughing.  Poor kid.  Chuck made me apologize later and explain why I was laughing.  I really don't think he cared as much about me laughing at it as he was pissed when I told him he had to do it again without the words, "Lovers Only."

But honestly, even if his wording had been okay, I have to tell you that he just took a crumpled shoebox, cut a hole in the top and jotted these three things on the top.  What you can't see is that the shoebox isn't even covered in anything.  It's just an orange shoebox (I know it looks red, but it's not) with Nike logos and words on the side, including the red, reduced-price sticker, and description of the tennis shoes.

Okay, enough about that.  I just had to tell you how awesome it was when I saw it!

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