Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clerk Season

Another day, another dollar, right? Ugh. I love my law firm, but sometimes I'm not sure I'm in love with the law. Luckily, I'm enjoying today. Lots to do. Responses to motions. Four subpoenas, calling bankruptcy trustees - tons of fun, right? Well, it's not bad, but I'm telling you it is beautiful outside and my golf clubs are calling to me. Wake UP!

I'm stuck here until late since Chuck is finally back from "out of town" and he can pick up the kids. No excuse to go home early and obviously plenty to do. The big thing that is going on is that we are in clerk season. This is where law firms hire law school students to work at the firm for part of the summer (about 6 weeks). We are currently in week 5 of 6 with our clerks and it has been exhausting. There is at least one event a week, and usually more, plus lunches. I love the clerks because it makes me feel as if I've actually learned something since I got out of lawschool, but it takes a lot of time. If there is one thing I don't have, it is more time.

In case you don't know, I'm a member of everything (or at least it feels like everything). I'm president of my undergraduate university's Alumni Association, I'm on the board of directors for my law school's alumni association. I am Secreatary for my law school law review alumni association, I am VP for the local young lawyer's bar association, and I am a member of Junior Women's Club (and Year Book officer) That's the bulk of what I participate in, but there are always little things outside of that like volunteering at the school (I admit I've only done this once) and then there is the whole part about living in general - getting nails done, hair done (I haven't had mine colored in 5 months), taking the pets to the vet, making sure all the wine glasses are clean, etc.

So, back to clerk season. Understatement: I'm swamped. Last week we had a baseball game on Monday, I had an Alumni meeting on Tuesday, a clerk event Wednesday night as well as a Junior Women's Club meeting, a Young Lawyer's Happy hour on Thursday, a clerk happy hour on Friday, and a clerk brunch on Saturday morning. I'm tired. Only a week and a half to go, and then I'll be missing the clerks and all their events. But I won't be misisng all the babysitter costs and time away from my angels.

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