Monday, July 19, 2010


Saturday was Lindsey's going away party. It was a nice evening full of friends and all our various babysitters. It took George a little while to get comfortable with it because he would not believe that we weren't going anywhere since all his babysitters showed up. Our life is about to change in a big way at our house. We are very sad to be losing Lindsey but we are very excited to welcome Rosie to our home. The kids keep talking about it too.

Unfortunately, we are going to have a bit of a gap in child care because Lindsey's last day is tomorrow, and I didn't plan ahead well enough. My mom has generously agreed to watch the kids next week (Rosie gets here next Thursday), but I didn't anticipate that Lindsey's last day would be the day she arrived in the U.S. for training as opposed to the day she got to our house. Just an oversight on my part. You live and learn, I guess. So, looks like I'll be taking some unexpected vacation days in which I work from home. It will all work out just fine . . . I hope.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Oh, by the way, I ran into a fellow blogger this weekend at the store. We had never met before. That was a first for me. I recognized her sweet daughter sitting in a Target shopping cart. (Target is my favorite place to shop). We both recognized each other from the blogs. How weird is that? Her blog is called "Hi. I'm New In Town". You can check it out by clicking here. Her daughter is beautiful. I just love her hair!

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The Potters said...

So funny (and strange!) you'd never met Heather before!!