Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Issues I Need to Address

1. Luke pees without guiding. I'm trying to tiptoe around this situation, but there's no good way of doing it. What I mean is that he refuses to hold his twig when he is peeing in the toilet.

2. He also does not close the door when he is peeing - neither does Evie.

Last night, after dinner, Chuck and I were sitting at the dining room table visiting when I heard Luke rush into the bathroom, doing the pee-pee dance. Then the toilet lid clanked as he threw it up so he could pee. As I heard what sounded like a stream of water from fire hose start hitting the water in the toilet, I shouted, "Luke? Are you holding your penis?"

Luke responded as he continued peeing, "Mom. Sometimes nothing bad happens when I don't hold it."

I groaned, rolled my eyes at Chuck and muttered, "Yeah. And other times he pees all over the toilet and the floor."

Chuck rested his head in his hands on the dinning room table and in a defeated voice said, "This is definitely a conversation I never thought we'd have with our children."

I shrugged my shoulders. I'm well past surprised.

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The Potters said...

Bhahaha! I would have NO clue what to do with a boy!!! This cracks me up.