Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Week - Not Planned

It snowed last night . . . again. It snowed this morning . . . again. And the sun has finally arrived. Luke and I are getting bored with each other. Why is it just Luke and me? Where are the other two?

Well, Rosie went on a ski vacation in Colorado with one of her au pair buddies and the au pair's family, so we had to locate someone to help us out this week with the kids. Our dear friends Tim and Stephanie (who live in Sherman, Texas - two hours away) graciously caved to Chuck's begging and agreed to watch George and Evie this week. Who knew it was going to be such a crazy week. The plan had been that Luke would be in school all day long and then Chuck or I would pick him up at 3:00 each afternoon. So much for that. On Monday, Chuck picked Luke up and dragged the poor kid to his office. Snow hit Tuesday and Luke and I stayed home and watched TV. Wednesday, Luke and I went into the office basically all day. Thursday, I had planned to stay at home, but we ended up back at the office for about 5 hours. Then today my Leadership Fort Worth Class was canceled, Luke has no school, the city is closed, and the roads are only just now starting to melt.

Luke and I are missing Evie and George sooo much. It was novel at first to just have the three of us at the house, but now we're bored. Luke is tired of hanging out with us. He's tired of watching tv. He doesn't want to play in the snow. I guess we're just ready to have our family back.

With all that said, G and E have been having a fine time with Stephanie and her two pretties. They have been watching tv, gone shopping, playing games, went to Chuck E Cheese, and all kinds of fun stuff.

I'll have to update with some sweet pictures that Stephanie sent me this week (once Luke finishes playing StarWars on my phone). She's an angel.


Mom said...

I hope you get your family back soon. It is amazing how quickly you miss them when they are gone.

Stephanie said...

You are too sweet. I enjoyed every crazy minute your children were here! I was sad to see them go. We'll come kidnap them again soon! xoxo

Angie said...

I thought about you guys a lot last week. We had lots of snow (which sucks) but ice and snow are just awful.
I hope everything is starting to get back to "normal" for you guys.

Take care and know that thoughts and prayers were with you!

Theresa said...

Thanks Angie. We were fine, but the whole city shut down. Sucks because I really, really wanted to go out and see all the super bowl festivities. For the most party, I shouldn't complain. We kept our power and no one was hurt.