Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I'm more of a traditional Valentine's Day girl,
and I typically love things like this:

and this:

But, I'm not getting flowers or candy, and I was too lazy to do anything cute with my kids this weekend so here are some funnies for you instead.
Please forgive me.

And here's where you might actually puke.

Perfect card for all the Fat Olympics participants, or not.

A card from doctors perhaps?

Made me chuckle.

My favorite of all!
(I swear I must be a 13 year old boy.)

And here's something for all those out there who hate this holiday.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Angie said...

hahahhaaha! What talent you have! You can make me laugh and want to puke all at the same time!


Angela said...

okay, that last one is hysterical!