Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a Wedding

So, some kids really seem to have strong opinions on things. My kids certainly do, but I don't think that any of my children are as opinionated as this strong little girl. And my daughter certainly doesn't agree with this opinion.

No, my sweet daughter is so ready to get married that she has already proclaimed that she is married . . . to our dog Walter.

Yup. So, I'm pleased to announce the marriage of Evelyn Elizabeth to Walter Stupid-dog Pound-survivor (the name rolls off the tongue doesn't it?).

We are officially accepting gifts.
The happy couple is registered at PetSmart and Chuck E. Cheese.


ashley1996 said...

Wow, that little girl is serious. I love your children! They are just the funniest! Let us know when the big day is. You know we are always up for a B party!!

Theresa said...

Love to have you there for the nuptials. How's Miss Maggie? I hope the stress level at the house is on the decline.

Mom said...

Too funny. Actually Evie told me her husband is Walter. Apparently the wedding has taken place. Maybe they eloped.

Allison said...

Did you know you made the MSN homepage? Imagine my surprise to find Evie on my computer without being on your blog or FB!

Allison said...

What an idiot I am! I thought that was Evie and you were good at video editing. Clearly I wasn't reading or paying attention after a long week at work!

Lisa said...

I love that Evie is married to Walter. And I love that Allison thought that was Evie. Baaahahaaha, I needed a goo laugh, its been a long day!