Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge Busted.

Let me confess that dieting and exercising are just not happening. I'm afraid that my desire to be there for my kids as they experience this whole ADD/2nd grade/kindergarten/soccer thing is really just overtaking my desire to be thin and attractive. Oh, and plus there is my great desire to drink wine after two hours of second grade homework and spelling review. It also helps ease the pain of Luke's grades and frustration.

So, my 30 day challenge quickly circled the drain and is so far gone, that I don't think I can salvage it. Nonetheless, I still have the desire at the end of the day to be thinner. This desire also shows up at the beginning of the day when I'm trying to find an outfit that will fit and flatter this unwieldy figure. So, enough about me and my woes - which are really petty - and on to the rest of life.

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Lisa said...

just sending hugs! it is really really hard to fit everything in...and i can only imagine how having school aged kids and all the stuff they have to do compounds it. hang in there!