Thursday, September 29, 2011

Full Week

I can't believe it is Thursday. I've been totally unproductive at work, but fairly productive at home. I cooked dinner (real home cooking) twice this week. Plus, I went running three times. I cleaned our bedroom. I volunteered at the kids' library. Attended the kids Open House. Worked on homework. Hit up grandparents for the kids' school fundraiser (thanks Grandma and Nano). (Speaking of, let me know if you want to sponsor Luke and/or Evie in their Boosterthon--flat donations accepted or sponsor them for a $1 per lap). Attended a Second Grade Parent's mixer. Took Luke to soccer. Stayed home with a sick little girl on Tuesday. And I took our dear Lindsey to the airport. Plus, we started potty training. It's been a full week already.

And how can I even explain how many times this little man has called out, "Momma!"?


Angela said...

Very cute picture of George.

And see, a few years ago, you were worried because the carpool guy didn't recognize you. Look at you go!!

Lisa said...

my goodness, that is a busy week!! Way to go on the running! And good luck with the potty training!! :)

TGIF...happy weekend!