Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make Believe

I don't think it is much of a surprise that there is inappropriate laughter that often takes place at our house. Still, I was appalled when Luke announced the make believe game he and Evie were playing last night. I knew they were behind the couch in our den playing with Legos and other toys, but Luke made my eyes widen in shock when he popped up from behind the couch and explained, "Mom. We're pretending that this great big building that we made out of Legos was hit by a plane and now we're praying for all the people who died."

My mouth dropped. My breath hitched. My lips formed an "O". And I eventually said, "Okay."

He popped back down behind the couch. I looked at Lindsey and mouthed the words, "Oh. My. God."

After the kids when to bed a few minutes later, I popped behind the couch and found this.

True to their word, they had been playing make believe 9/11. My feelings are mixed. They obviously learned about this in school, but they clearly don't know how horribly this event affected us who lived it and the country that is still recovering from it. So, wow. Any suggestions?

*And yes, I realize there is a split infinitive in there. Get over it.


Joan said...

I wouldn't make too big a deal about it. Play is way for the event to be incorporated to the mind of a child. While I am not a child psycologist I have cared for children who play through giving dolls chemotherapy as well as death from cancer, and playing through funerals.
I would talk to them about the event and let them know that we are all sad about it and that praying for those people is a good thing to do as well as praying that nothing like this ever happen again.

Chuckyluv said...

It's straight to gitmo for those two.

Mom said...

I think it is especially sweet that they were praying for the people and that they didn't follow through with the plane knocking down their tower of legos.