Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open House 2011

Last night was open house at the kids' school. They had fun showing us their classrooms and all their work. Evie was very proud of herself and Luke was just acting like his crazy self. The teachers always have the kids do some sort of work to show off their skills before open house. Evie's class got to draw self portraits. Evie's is sweet. (I figured out that those are supposed to be tiger paws on her shirt because the school's mascot is a tiger. And don't be disturbed, she actually has all 5 fingers in real life.)

Luke's class was asked to write about why we need rain (fitting for our drought), and what they do when it rains. Chuck and I couldn't help but laugh our heads off when we read Luke's. He's just so blunt.

I'll translate: "Let it rain, god becouse my tomeytos are dead."

Clearly, we still need to work on spelling and handwriting, but his picture of the dying tomato plants in our back yard is very accurate - all the way down to the red cages around the pathetic brown sticks that remain. The curious part about this is that we never talk about the tomatoes being dead. He never even sees them as far as I know. So, what makes him think of this stuff? All the other kids wrote about how it was hot, or the grass is brown, or it's not good for the animals. My kid wrote about my failed attempt at growing tomatoes in our backyard during a drought. It cracks me up!

We saw so many funny things on the walls that were written or drawn by students. I often wonder if the teachers get used to all the funny things that the kids say and do, or if they still laugh as hard as we do.


Angie said...

I love it! :)

It kind of makes you wonder though...just exactly how much do our kids pick up on that we don't know about...yikes.

Lisa said...

oh that is too cute and funny. And totally agree with are WAY more observant than we think! :) At least based on what comes out of my 3 yr old's mouth too!