Monday, April 15, 2013

9 Years Old. Holy Crap!

It was Luke's birthday this weekend and the monster SAHM in me came out.  It was ridiculous.

My mom and I took lunch to Luke on his actual birthday (Friday) and ate it with him in the park across the street from his school.  You know you can't beat Chickfila.

That night, he picked Papasito's for our dinner.  The kids had fun, and Grandma and I had a wonderful margarita!

That night he opened a few presents, but Chuck was out of town for work, so we saved his big present for later.

Sunday, we had Luke's birthday party for friends and family at a rock climbing place.  There were 27 kids there!  It was insane, but the kids seemed to have fun.

Luke climbing first.
Luke a little worried about coming down.
George - up really high!  He's in the blue shorts and red shirt.
Evie in her natural habitat.  That girl loves to climb!
Here are some pictures of the amazing cake that we got and the kids climbing.  Too much fun!

People actually asked if I made the cake.  Um . . . no.  Not even close.

I did make the party favors.  Chuck and I thought it would be funny to make the kids pet rocks.  We weren't sure whether the kids would like it but we thought it was funny.  The response was mixed.  One of the rocks ended up in the trash covered in cake, and several others were coveted and taken home with the attached instruction guide.  Here's what they looked like.  I even put them in a basket and sent home instructions (which I thought were cute and fun). 

Cute Pet Rock.
Owner's guide for Pet Rocks.

Pet rocks.
The crazy one in the middle was designed by Luke.
We finished the night with Luke's big present:  an XBOX 360 Kinex.  The kid was beyond thrilled.  He's been trying to sell us on this as a birthday present for quite a while.  It's quite a present and to top it off it is Star Wars themed.  We've confirmed his status as a nerd, but I adore him! 

 We also got Dance Party 4 and I broke a sweat having fun with it after the kids went to bed!


Jess said...

Looks like so much fun!

Lisa said...

i love the rocks and the cake! cant believe you have a nine year old either. Craziness! Happy birthday to Luke!

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