Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Picture Day and Handwriting

George has picture day today, so not only did he get a haircut yesterday . . .

but I also made him wear Evie's apron while he was eating and drinking this morning so he wouldn't get his clothes dirty. 

I thought we were finished when we left the house, but he decided to eat a donut at Starbucks too.  So I put the apron back on. 

He looked ridiculously adorable, but let's hope he doesn't use that smile.

And here is a lovely picture of Evie with her short haircut (her choice) and birthday-boy Luke (turning 9 this week!) as they display their alligator pencils that I brought back as souvenirs from New Orleans.

As for Evie, we found this lovely worksheet in her folder last week and we are still chuckling.  She obviously comes from our family (as embarassing as that is) and she can't deny it.  The worksheet asks her to rate her handwriting.  She gave it a smiley face all the way around, but at the end there was a prompt saying, "Things I could do to make my handwriting better:"  She answered, "Pay someone better then me (sic) to do it."  (And yes, I find it necessary to put sic in there so you know it wasn't my grammatical error; it's the lawyer in me).

Chuck and I can't get over it.  To be clear, Evie told me about this and told me how she wrote it as a joke for her teacher.  I didn't really understand what she was saying until I saw the paper and the context myself.  I sigh and shake my head, but what can you do?

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Joan said...

George is Amazing - that is the same cuteness that Colt had. Now look at him!