Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is in the air!


I threw in the "Saint" so I could say I'm being religious today.  Go me!

My day started out beautifully.  I was squeezed between big Chuck and little Chuck (aka George - because he had a bad dream) when the alarm went off, but the alarm was the playing of the song Return to Me by Dean Martin.  What a sweet start to my day.  And then big Chuck disappeared to get ready for the day (or so I thought) and left me to snuggle with George, until, to my surprise, he showed up with breakfast in bed!  Seriously?!  This guy is too much!  How did I score such an amazing man?  All I can say is that I'm so incredibly blessed.

Today, the kids are celebrating this sweet holiday with parties in each class at the end of the day.  I'm the homeroom mom for Luke's class, but will have to miss part of the party so I can pick up Georgie Porgie, since his class is dismissed at 2:50 and the other kids get out at 3:00. 

George is having an extra special day today.  All through the year, his class has been studying a letter each week, starting with A of course.  This week was the letter Q.  And to help the kids understand the sound that a Q makes ("kw"), they are doing something I've never ever seen before.  They are having a wedding today!  I think it is even being held in the church sanctuary.  The wedding is between Miss Q and Mr. U.  They originally asked George to be Mr. U, but he was opposed to the idea of marriage (I hope that doesn't last - although as a good Catholic mom, I suggested that he consider the priesthood - I consider my duty complete) so they graciously choose someone else.  Instead he will be one of the guests: a quarterback.  He is dressed in his Aggie jersey today.  According to George, some of the other guests include two queens and a "shusher" who says "shhh" all through the ceremony.  I think the shusher is actually a "quieter" or something to do with being quiet.  Do you see the trend?  I'd love to know all the other "guests."  In fact, I really wish I could be there to see it!  It sounds absolutely adorable!

Here is the invitation to the wedding that arrived yesterday. 

If you can't read it clearly, the cutest parts include a request that "gifts be in the form of Show-and-Tell objects that begin with the combination 'qu'" and that after the ceremony they "will be served wedding cake (in the form of Little Debbie's) and then ...wish the happy couple many blessings by blowing bubbles outside."  It is just too much!  I love it!

May you all have a very happy Valentine's Day too! 

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