Monday, February 3, 2014


I've been on a bender the last week, eating crappy food and drinking wine.  I feel terrible.  Yuck. 

At least the bender only lasted a week.  I can get back on that wagon and start feeling better soon.  Already worked out today.

So, things aren't terribly exciting around here, as you may have gathered from my lack of posting.  Truly, we are just riding out this winter and trying to get adjusted to all our numerous activities ranging from basketball, soccer, speech therapy, piano lessons, girl scouts, boy scouts, and the unbelievable amount of homework the kids have for school.  This last week we were assigned two major projects.  Second grade is working on presentations regarding their heritage - Evie chose Poland.  Fourth grade is working on the Invention Convention.  My little fourth grader has to invent or innovate something.  Let me tell you how thrilled I am about this project.  It is wearing my ass out.  And to top it off I've been handling some litigation contract work so last week, I basically billed like a full-time attorney and still had to manage all the stay at home mom duties.  Thank heaven my mom was here to help me in a pinch.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your days and weeks.  Maybe I'll rouse myself this week and get back to my good ol' self.

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Joan said...

No wonder Mom did not answer her phone. I hate to call her cell phone, she ingrained me to call the house. And I never text her either. Glad you had Mom to help you!