Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

I had no idea it was supposed to snow today, so I was absolutely giddy when I noticed the flakes falling fast and furious outside during our morning get-to-school-as-fast-as-we-can-so-we-aren't-late-again ritual.

Of course, the kids were thrilled and ended up letting the dog out of the house - he ran wild in the snow and I can't send enough thanks heavenward for the fact that he came back to me without too much chasing around in the snow.

And on top of that we had to get Evie's Heritage project out the door.  Luckily she took the triptic to school yesterday, so all she had to bring today was a CD with polka music on it (we are soooo Polish!), a Christmas ornament made in Poland, and a hot dish filled with Perogies that Chucky Love baked up this morning (what a darling!) in addition to plates and forks.  Needless to say, it wasn't exactly the most efficient morning, but damn was it fun! 

I had a great time walking in the gorgeous snow!  It was perfectly beautiful and there wasn't any ice (other than the ice created when our sprinkler system ran as ususal this morning)!  It's snowing again as I type this, sprinkling the trees and street with a beautiful clean layer of snow.  We are hoping that there will be enough snow on the ground after school so that Evie can build a snowman.  (She's the only one intersted in playing in it at this point).  It's so lovely, that I actually considered taking the dogs for a walk this morning after I dropped off the kids. 

Instead, I just made the kids walk a block to school (since I had to park and get out to carry the perogies into Evie's classroom).  Evie was thrilled!  Luke was not.  In fact, he was rather pissed off that I made him walk to school ... in the snow...uphill...both ways.  Too bad I didn't make him do it barefoot! 

Sadly (although still amusing), he fell down when he tripped on the top step leading to his school's front doors. He coated his right side (especially his jeans) in snow which melted into cold water as soon as he entered the building. I swear I did not laugh...much. I did feel sorry for him (enough not to take a picture of his misfortune - and don't think I'm not cruel enough to do it), and I even took time to dust off as much of the snow as I could before he went to his classroom. Poor boy.

So, I really wish I could somehow capture the flurries that are falling outside, but my sad, ancient iPhone 4 just isn't up to the task. Still, here are some pretty white pictures.

And lucky for us, we still have our Christmas tree in the back yard, so we can experience it all over again 43 days after Christmas!  Chuck's procrastination pays off!

Happy snow day to all! Stay warm! Stay happy!

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