Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's Rodeo Time!

So, things haven't slowed down.  They may have actually gotten more crazy.  My new year's resolution to obtain 5 running medals by the end of the year has been put on the back burner.  I was supposed to run 9 miles this weekend (as in 2 days away), but I don't think I've run a total of 9 miles in the last month, so that's not happening.  To top that off, it's less than a month from the half marathon I'm supposed to run on March 1.  I'd say my resolutions are really getting the shaft so far.

Nonetheless, I've taken some time to spend with the kids.  I let them get an early dismissal on Tuesday, and I took them to the rodeo.  Chuck was supposed to go with us, but he had to work, as usual.  The kids are used to it, so we are not really surprised when he has to skip family events anymore, even though it still makes me a little sad.

We had fun anyway, so that's what matters!  They loved getting dressed up and I got hats (cheap ones) for all of them.  Today is western day at school too.  I should have taken a picture.  Instead you'll have to just be happy with these two from Tuesday's rodeo trip.

We had great seats - just three rows behind the VIP box and the rodeo announcer and judges!  We were up on the second level, but one bucking bronco was able to kick dirt all the way up onto us!  It hit Luke and Evie both in the face and me on the arm.  I couldn't help cracking up!  Then the people in front of us were on the Kiss Cam.  And even though the place was pretty much empty, I still saw 4 people we know - one of whom is an occasional reader of this blog!  What a fun day!

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Kevin Kelley said...

Don't guilt yourself into running if you're not up to it. Find motivation to get back on track, otherwise it won't be as satisfying. Doing it without even deriving an ounce of enjoyment from it would only frustrate you. Anyway, it seems like the children are as hyped up for trips, as always. Evie and George both look adorable wearing cowboy hats, and I just love how enthused they are about the rodeo. I do hope you get to enjoy more family fun time like that again. Thanks for sharing that, and all the best! :)

Kevin Kelley @ Ronald Harris Ravens Worth