Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Days 2015

Let me go ahead and explain to you that after four days of no school (2 from the weekend and 2 during the week), I am ready to lock my children out of the house.  I mean it.  Unfortunately, Luke has a sinus infection (likely from allergies), Evie has strep throat, and George is just too annoying and will start crying immediately if I even mention the prospect.

To top it off, the house is a wreck, and I've watched more kids movies than I can possibly list off for you.  Currently I'm watching a Disney original movie called "Bad Hair Day."  yes, that's the title, and yes, that is a movie and not a TV show.  It is really not good.  Not good.

Help me!!!

I'm trapped and looking at another day of snow!!!


LiLi said...

Personally, I'd start drinking!


Put it in a coffee cup, no one will ever know!

Theresa said...

I started drinking at noon and shamelessly put it in a wine glass! I like your thinking, LiLi!

Jess said...

We were out a whole week last week! Hope they go back soon.

Theresa said...

Jess - that is unfathomable!