Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Days Part II

The boys are back at school and it has made all the difference!  Of course, my sick little Evie is still here.  She's coughing some and that really makes her throat hurt, but otherwise, she's as spunky as ever.  Excited to get her back to school tomorrow!  She's such a trooper.  Here she is right after receiving the doctor's diagnosis of strep throat and commentary of "Wow! That must really, really hurt!"  When the doctor says it must hurt, then it must hurt!

So glad she is on the mend!  I love this picture of her with her cat.  It's how we usually see her in the evening.  Love this girl!

In the mean time, I discovered that George took over 100 pictures of himself, his hands, the dogs, the floor, and whatever else on my phone.  Here is a small sample.

And then he insisted on posing for a few more.

And check this out, he's just about ready to lose his first tooth!  I felt it last night and it is super wiggly!  He's so excited to be grown up!

This morning it snowed, and it's all almost melted already, but with a 10:00 delayed start to school, the kids got to leisurely watch the snow come down and then have waffles and bacon for breakfast.  (No idea why I didn't cook anything yesterday, but this morning I was feeling very domestic!)

You might be wondering where Luke is.  Well, he's in bed or in front of the computer most of the time.  I'm so glad he's back at school.  He's super sweet, but has no motivation to do anything at all!  Even the novelty of snow wasn't worth getting out of bed for him.

As for me, I mentioned how thrilled I am that the kids are back in school.  Chuck has been out of town for 48 hours, so I was in need of adult conversation even though my sweet niece Amber is here to break up the monotony of the kids' bickering.  As for work, it's been rather slow this month.  I need to start back with my advertising so that I can find more people to help!  

And sadly, these are the only snow pictures I took.  Luckily I'll have another chance since there is snow in the forecast for the next two days!

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