Thursday, July 16, 2009

Private Parts . . . Again

The other day, while the kids were undressing and getting ready for school Evie was curiously examining her private parts - because that's what kids do when they're curious. I said, "Evie, we don't show our private parts. Go on and put your panties on." There was nothing crude, pornographic, or strange about it; she was just taking a look. When I told her to put on her panties, she started to and then announced, "No, mommy, I want to show Luke." I said, "No, Evie, just put your panties on. We don't show our private parts." Evie, "But I want to show Luke . . ." Me, "No, Luke doesn't need to see your private parts. Let's get dressed." I started to help her get her panties on and my mind started cranking wondering how often she is showing off her private parts, and then Luke interrupted my thoughts with, "Mommy, what are private parts?" Ah, yes. And so I began my lecture, realizing that it was probably well past due.

"Well, everyone has private parts. Luke, your penis and bottom are your private parts and Evie, your bottom is your private part. You shouldn't show your private parts to anyone except mommy or daddy or Dr. M. And you shouldn't let anyone touch your private parts except for mommy or daddy or Dr. M and even then, this should only be when you have a bath or if the doctor is examining you with mommy or daddy in the room." I reemphasized, "So, no one should touch your private parts. Okay?"

Both kids looked at me with confused seriousness, gleaning from my tone that this was a very serious matter. I continued, "Do you both understand?" Evie, "Yes, mama." Luke, "Uh huh." Then Luke walked over to me where I was still dressing Evie and said, "Mommy, I have another private part." I looked at him with a bit of confusion and said, "Oh really? What is it?" Luke pointed to his knee and said with authority, "This is a private part. When I hurt it, I wouldn't let anyone touch it, so it is a private part."

Me, "Hmm. That makes sense, I guess." Luke nodded his head, "Yup, it's a private part." Me, "sort of . . ." and then I let it go.


Mom said...

Oh, the things they come up with. Sometimes you wonder where it all comes from. Always thinking.

amym said...

I just love your "private parts" posts. They scare the hell out of me and make me laugh at the same time. My child, even at 20 months can't keep her hands away from her private parts...makes me crazy! I have listened to the Dr. Laura Berman show on Oprah XM Radio (that's the only thing I would listen to on Oprah) and she has some good (sometimes over the top) recommendations for talking about this stuff with your kids, although it sounds like you did a great job!