Monday, July 6, 2009


The kids have moved on already. Luke asked if we could get another dog now that Fergi is gone.

My prime suspect behind Fergi's disappearance had been this character:

Abby (aka Cat from Hell; Fergi's arch enemy)

Now, I'm suspecting this character:

Lukey Dukey (aka Insensitive Pet Owner)

We received a call from one of our neighbors and I went tromping around at lunch but didn't find her. Chuck and I will keep our hopes up despite our children's quick dismissal our beloved pet.


Joan said...

And, yet, just when you are ready to move on there will a movement from the ranks that "we miss her so much!!!"
Keep us posted on the outcome of the Fergi search. I know her loss pains both you and Chuck even if the ranks are against you.

Mary said...

I know there is another Jack Russell owner in your neighborhood - maybe they took her in. You never know. I really hope she turns up happy and exhausted from a great adventure.