Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random stuff

We've started a countdown to Lindsey - only 22 more days until she gets to our house.

Here are some random videos of the kids. They crack me up.
(I can't figure out how to turn them. Sorry.)

Luke started singing this song randomly one evening before bed.

Evie then wanted to sing her version.

And here are two very boring videos of my precious George.

And here are pictures of the swamp before and after.

And just some cute ones of the kids. Seriously, aren't they adorable?


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the pictures. Of course they are just adorable.

Mom said...

Forgot to sign my name before I posted the comment.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a count up not a count down

ashley1996 said...

Love all the pics. You have the best family ever! I love all the stories. I can only wait for fun times. Thanks for always sharing!!

Theresa said...

Yeah, I started with a calendar so it really is a count up. Oh well. The kids certainly don't know the difference.

Joan said...

Mrs. Berend, your children are beautiful. The pool was rescued and is proof of what a super husband you have.
Now, ma'am, that calendar is just fine, count down or count up, is is clear when Lindsey will be arriving to the Berends.
I noticed that Amy's friend Ashley is commenting on your family - You really rate with the teen set.
And now that I've totally annoyed you......I have one more thing to say.

Miss you and love you, Tree.

Theresa said...

Well, no, ma'am. Amy's friend ashley is not commenting. That is my friend Ashley who married my friend Jack Martin. Sorry to disappoint, unless the anonymous person is amy's friend ashley.

lisawitt said...

wow, evie looks so much like you (to me at least) in her swim suit pic! too cute!

Theresa said...


That explains why I think she's so pretty! jk