Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is my Super Bowl

It's CHRISTMAS!!! This is my Super Bowl and I'm freakin' thrilled! Wrapped presents with a bottle (and a half) of wine last night and watched Love Actually. It was fantastic. I have my Christmas movie watching schedule printed out in an Excel Spreadsheet. Presents and stockings are ready to go! Must go grocery shopping and make Christmas cookies for Santa with the kids. Should be a very fun weekend!


Angela said...

I love that you have an Excel Spreadsheet on it!!

And Love Actually is a great movie.

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!! I want lots of pictures :D

Theresa said...

Angela - no worries! I'm on it. But the little tyke is tough to catch on film these days. I need a high-speed camera.

Mom said...

I have all my presents wrapped but no spreadsheet listing movies.

Mary said...

I am loving this as well. Just finished my last bit of shopping. Listening to the children's choir practicing and soaking up the season! Can't wait to see you!