Friday, December 10, 2010

Maximize Your Elf

This little girl, just cracks me up!

I received this text from Rosie today.

I love it!

You see, Murphy is our Elf on the Shelf who is visiting from the North Pole and taking messages back to Santa about how the children are behaving and what they want for Christmas.
She's a little genius!

I probably should somehow discourage her greediness,
but for now,it's pretty darn cute.


Mom said...

She doesn't want much; just the whole world full of toys.

Theresa said...

. . . and EVERY Barbie that she doesn't already have!

Angie said...

Kids are so funny. I love how they see things and how their little minds clever she is!

The Potters said...

Funny! I need that Elf on the Shelf. I also apparently need the book called Don't Make Me Count to Three...