Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Status Report

Heater is fixed - for now.

Critter is still rotting in a wall (according to the exterminator).

Plan to purchase candles this afternoon before the party.

Carpets are cleaned and beautiful - for now.

Maids came this morning and scoffed at how dirty the house was after I spent a week trying to whip it into shape - thankyouverymuch.

I'm freezing my fingers off at work trying to get out of here by 3:00 so I can get the house as presentable and party-ready as possible.

Wish me luck!


The Potters said...

Good luck! Have fun!

Angela said...

Good luck lady!!

Angie said...

Good luck and don't forget to have a great time yourself. :)

Mom said...

Everything will fall into place. Have a great time at your ornament exchange party.