Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Numbers work!

Remember how I mentioned that our house has a rotting critter in it? Remember how I'm really unlucky?

It gets worse.

Our heater went out last night. The kids huddled in front of a heater on the ground last night like we're Eskimos living in an igloo. The repairman is at the house now, but it is COLD!

When I went home for lunch, George was cold too and wanted the heater to work.

He got frustrated.

He was trying to adjust the thermostat to make the "Numbers Work!" for a long time.


Angela said...

Love the decor. Love George. :D

Hope it's warming up for you guys!!

That would have been devastating here, as we're having temps of 0-5 degrees with the wind factored in.

Theresa said...

Thanks girl. I hope it warms up too.

Angie said...

I had to laugh at this post (sorry). Especially after what I wrote on my blog yesterday. :)

Really though, I hope it gets fixed soon. Having the heat go out sucks no matter where you live.

And the critter situation? How is that going?

Theresa said...

It still smells. Called an exterminator and they think it is in the wall so there is nothing to do. I'm purchasing candles this afternoon. Today's the day, so let's all think good thoughts!