Wednesday, December 29, 2010

George's Second Birthday

Poor George is a third-class citizen and did not have a big birthday party. We forgot to plan it. We thought about planning it. We got tired just thinking about it.

We decided to just do a family birthday. We took George out for his favorite food: pizza. Our awesome neighbor, Taylor, joined us for dinner and gifts.

We sang happy birthday to George and had him blow out the only candles I had available in the house that would fit on his homemade cake -- homemade by Chuck. This kid is seriously neglected compared to the effort we put into our other two kids on their second birthdays. Yes, well, that's the way it is now, I guess.

He only opened one gift and didn't have any desire to look at anything else.

He loves the drumsticks and will drum on anything.

And here he is reaching for the camera. We always have at least one picture of George looking like this every time we take out the camera. Taylor took this picture, and many of the others you see above.


Lisa said...

Happy birthday Georgia! I am seriously in love with his RED HAIR! I cant get over it every time I see pics, so presh! Looking forward to seeing your Friday night! :)

Angela said...

Happy Booby George!! The pictures are so cute- he looks like he's saying, ummm, I don't know what all of you are doing but stop looking at me!!

The Potters said...

Oh my goodness, happy birthday, Geroge!!!!