Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can't quit my day job.

Sorry for the extra long post yesterday. Not even sure most people read the whole thing. If you didn't, then you are missing out. It is worth the time. I'm still cracking up about it.

Today's post is more of a picture post, so enjoy. This is what I made at a lovely shop called A Piece of Work. It's a great idea that is really starting to get popular. I went with my friends from Junior Woman's Club last night and had such a fun time. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to get home to the babysitter. I wish I could have seen how everyone's turned out! If you click HERE or HERE you can see another group's final version of this painting.

Here's the progression of the Fort Worth Skyline Starry Night.

By the way, I don't possess a lick of artistic talent, so I was pretty darn proud of this, although I've decided I shouldn't quit my day job. Moreover, my children were inordinately proud of it. Luke asked me where it came from this morning in the midst of me running around like crazy to get everyone out the door. I absently replied, "Oh, I painted it last night." His eyes got big and he asked incredulously, "You painted it?" I quirked a half smile and said, "Yup." He looked at me longer and said with deserved disbelief, "It's really good." I smiled fully and said, "Thanks." Then I started back in with my morning tirade about how no one was ready and why did I have to keep telling them to get their shoes on.

This is my life and I really love it when I'm not bitching about it.


Angie said...

How fun! You did a great job and it looks so nice in your home. :)

P.S. I read yesterday's post and it was quite funny. :)

FWAtty said...

Love the painting! I love that place too--Benessere went there and I painted this abstract tree/sun/shadow painting and I too have no artistic talent but it turned out pretty well. Even the hubby thought so--as a surprise he had it framed and hung it up in the house! : )