Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Road to Recovery is Paved with Prescriptions

Took Evie to the doctor again last night. She now has an ear infection coupled with a lower fever, coughing, runny nose, and general illness. We have acquired three new prescriptions including a new antibiotic, cough syrup, and numbing ear drops. She also gets to take Motrin to ease the pain. Poor baby is ready to be well again. We're still a little concerned, however, that the original dose of antibiotics didn't take care of this ear infection. And the term "concerning" is how the doctor left it. If she isn't better by Friday, we have to go back. Wish us luck!


Mom said...

I wish you thousands of luck. Poor Evie seems to get everything and has always had problems with her ears. Much love your way.

Clarissa said...

I'm so sorry. This time of year is so frustrating b/c the sick bugs just won't leave the kids alone. (I have burned up all my sick time already - but what can we do? They can't go to school w/ a fever ...) I hope she gets better very soon. And that everyone stays well all at the same time!