Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Entertainment

I wish there were words to describe how absolutely adorable George's tee ball team is. It's so freakin precious! I don't think anyone could resist this kind of cuteness. I would pay just to go to these games. I just sit there with a great big grin on my face and laugh at the tiny keystone cops. I will have to capture some video at the next game. I will warn you that the kids are definitely learning this year. In fact, there may be more parents on the field during the game than there are kids on the team. I got there in the middle of the first game and couldn't figure out what was going on until I noticed that each kid had a parent there to keep him/her in line and paying attention, and even still that didn't work 100% of the time. For example, there is a picture of one of George's friends just sitting in the field playing in the dirt. I LOVE it! When they are paying attention, they chase after the ball as a group and whoever gets it first holds it up like a trophy instead of trying to get the other team's runners out. Hilarious!

I got to take George to practice yesterday, and here are the pictures from practice (he was not happy about being photographed).  Look at those eyes!

Picking and eating his boogers - a full-time habit now.

Laughing at me and trying to run away.

Prepared to field a ball.

And here are pictures from the game.

Getting ready to bat.

George up to bat.
That kid is so funny.

 Caleb playing in the sand.

I can only imagine what kinds of negotiations were going on out there.

Mass chaos.  Just look at all the different things happening on that field, including Chuck checking his phone - probably

And George after the game.
Terribly content with himself.

If anyone wants to come watch a game, just let me know. It is definitely amusing!


Joan said...

Too Cute! I'll be watching for he video.

Angela said...

I've decided I'm coming to visit when George plays tee ball. :D

rosie said...

So cute!!!

Lisa said...

George is adorable and loved the Texags comment!