Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whaaaat???? *sigh*

The kids get to meet our new nanny's boyfriend today.  Our nanny for the summer is named Caroline and she is the sweetest thing.  She's ahead in school so she's taking off the summer but hanging out with her friends at TCU.  She is the chaplin of her sorority and the captain of the TCU dance team.  She's ridiculously accomplished and fantastic with the kids.  Not sure what posessed her to hang out with us for the summer, but she's stuck with us now!  Her boyfriend is coming to visit the kids today and is going to take George to the zoo.  He's also going to let George ride in his "black race car" (aka Camero).  George can barely contain his excitement and keeps talking about Kyle's race car.  It's precious.  And aren't Caroline & Kyle adorable too? (They're going to be just thrilled that they made it on a mommy-blog, right?)

So anyway, this prompted our discussion this morning on the way to drop off the older two at school as to what makes a "boyfriend".  George announced that boyfriends are also daddies, to which I responded, "Uh . . . noooo."  This obviously required a discussion about what makes a person a "daddy".  Evie attempted to answer that "a daddy is a man who is married to a girl."  I cocked my head to the side and looked at her precious face in the rear view mirror as I said, "Not exactly."  I waited for someone else to answer, but nothing was forthcoming.  So, I was disappointed that not one of the three kids could identify the key characteristic of a daddy - namely, a man who has a child.  I rolled my eyes, sighed deeply and explained it.  They all nodded, but still seemed skeptical.  Not sure why they think I would lie about this, but whatever.

After a few seconds of thoughtful silence, Evie announced in her innocent little voice that one time a boy married a boy.  I chuckled a little, wondering how we even got on the topic.  I mean, remember we started with a discussion of the nanny's boyfriend.  I asked her, "Where did you hear that?"  I wasn't upset or mean about it, just curious.  She shrugged, "I don't know.  Someone told me."  I nodded my head acceptingly, "Yeah, that's happened."  I thought it would be safe to leave it at that, but Luke joined in the conversation and asked, "Mom?  Why is it illegal for a man to marry a man?"

Dread welled up in me and I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and settled in for a discussion filled with defensive tactics designed to answer truthfully but evasively so that I could get out of the conversation without having to discuss the Bible's stance on homosexuality.  Oh holy hell.  He's frickin' eight years old and we've broached the topic of gay marriage.  I honestly don't have a problem with the topic or discussing it, but with only three minutes left in the car before I send them into school, I don't think a half-baked discussion regarding the intricate debate of gay marriage/homosexuality is a good idea.  So, I utilized my defensive maneuvers and stated that "Some people don't think boys should marry boys or girls should marry girls because parts of the Bible say it is a bad idea."  More questions were on the tip of Luke's tongue, but I cut him off by pointing out that today was "Board Game Day" in his class and he had forgotten to bring the board game he picked out last night.  Praise Jesus! -- this worked to effectively divert his attention.  But, just like our sex talk and the discussion of menstruation, I guess we are going to have to talk about homosexuality and gay marriage next.  It's all good and a part of life, but I still have to work myself up for it!


Angie said...

Crap...why must these conversations come on so early? Thanks for the warning and good luck with this one!

Birdie Pearl said...

Oh my! Keep us posted on this one! Just wait when your little ones are 14, 10 and 8 - yup, the convos get pretty interesting!

Clarissa said...

Theresa! I had this question from my kindergartener last night. Actually she asked me if a boy could marry a boy. Someone at school told her that. Great. I just told her that it was allowed in some states. She didn't ask any follow-up questions, thankfully. I guess I better get prepped for the next time it comes up.

Anonymous said...

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