Friday, October 19, 2012

Did you know . . .

that my sister has one ugly dog and one adorable dog?  Remember that beauty is only skin deep - it helps that they are both so, so sweet.

Here they are.  This one is Sarah Lee.  She's been through many foster homes and the like, but is happy with my sister's family now.  Unfortunately, she had some aweful disease when she was little (maybe distemper), and has had several teeth pulled.  She has a funky twitch and her tongue falls out to one side allt he time.  It's sad, funny, and adorable all the same time - you know, in the "only-a-mother-could-love" kinda way.

And this is the puppy named Jo.  She's like George-impossible to capture her cuteness on camera.

And here they are together.  Sweetness doubled.

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