Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It's been a week.

I suck.


Here are some pictures to make you happy!

We've been in College Station for the last two Texas A&M football games.  Whew! It was exciting.  Even I'm obsessed with Johnny Football now.

Chuck and his Mini-Me cooking at the Tailgate.
The kids checking out the Century Tree on campus after someone got engaged.
George and me at the Tailgate.
Luke, Evie & Me during the game! Too fun!

We also participated in the Fort Worth Turkey Trot (along with 15,000 other people) before we went to Miss Chesapeake's house for dinner (which was Ah-may-ZING!).

Chuck, George, Luke, Me, Evie, and Grandma! A full family affair!
Evie and Grandma crossing the finish line!

After we all finished the 1K, I got to run the 5K. 
It was a beautiful day!

I hope you all have had a great few weeks.  Make sure you stay tuned for some very important information coming soon! 

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Angie said...

For some reason a lot of Texas A&M games have been playing in our area... :) Every time I see the stadium I think of you guys and hope you're having fun. :)