Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I love election day and this election was the first time my kids were able to get into it.  Their elementary school conducted an election for the president also.  They voted last week and were able to keep who they voted for a secret.  The kids were adorable.  I'll admit to you that we dont' talk to them about politics so I was very curious to see how they voted.  I asked them who they voted for early on and they said they didn't have to tell.  I smiled and respected their right to vote with out disclosing their choice.  When I told them that I had voted early, they asked me who I voted for.  I did the classic: "I'll tell you, if you tell me."  And they fell for it!  My sweet babies were a split vote.  I asked how they decided who to vote for and I was very disappointed int heir answers.  Luke said he just picked the first one he saw because he didn't understand what either one was saying.  I smirked at his answer while groaning at the same time.  Evie just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.  You know, there are probably people out there who participated in the actual election with the same amount of education on the matter, but I'm more inclined to believe that the majority of voters are well-informed and take this voting thing pretty seriously.

I love being an American, and I was thrilled to be able to exercise one of my most important Constitutional rights yesterday.  God bless America!

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