Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Firewood to Warm me up!

I know everyone and their dog is talking about it, but damn is it cold!  Early in the fall, I had someone deliver half a cord of wood to my house.  You see, my house is old and retro-fit for heating and air conditioning.  Plus, the back room (where we basically spend 80% of our time at home) was an addition.  It is cavernous and not well insulated.  Luckily, it also has a ginormous fireplace.

 Once you get a fire going in that fireplace, the entire room will warm up.  However, it takes a lot of wood and a big fire to make it extra comfy in there.  So, you can only imagine how wonderfully grateful I was that we had a half a cord of firewood in our back yard when Icemageddon 2013 hit us.

We went through it quick, but we stayed warm!  We were down to just 15 logs last night, but we used half of them to keep us warm while we watched the National Championship from our couch.  Luckily, the wonderful company (called Big Timber College Fund - yeah, they employ college students which is totally awesome) arrived this morning to deliver another half a cord of wood.  I never would have guess that we would need more than what was originally delivered.  But, man, am I thankful to have some of that wood here to keep us warm in this 16 degree weather (which has warmed up to 24 degrees today).  I know the rest of the world is suffering in negative degree weather, so I'm sending warm thoughts your way and hoping that you have plenty of firewood to keep you warm!  Unless you're Goeorge, who likes to wear shorts in the snow!

 That Icemagedon lasted over a week!

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