Friday, January 10, 2014

Mad Parenting Skillz

I love all my children and this is why.  All of them have these spectacular moments of hilarity surrounding them.  However, I have to admit that George has just a bit more than the other two, and so we stay on our toes, giggling behind our hands as we pretend we are coughing or rubbing our noses.  Although these things happen regularly in our house, it is very, very rare that I am able to catch it on video, but here is a little gem of a conversation we had with George two nights ago.

{I tried all day to post the video, but it won't post.  I'll try again tomorrow.  Until then, you'll just have to go see it on Facebook - Em & Mrs. Chesapeake - ask your hubbys to show it to you since you're not on FB. This post is mostly just for you two.}

So, it turns out that a couple of slats supporting the top bunk had been displaced.  It wasn't really a big deal, but I guess it was to George.  I'm pretty sure the other two would have left it until morning and then denied any involvment as soon as Chuck or I noticed that the bed was amiss.  But George marches to his own beat, so when Chuck got up there, he put the slats back while Luke and Evie pretended to be asleep.

Now, when I posted this on Facebook, it received a lot of attention, but some of that attention was directed toward me and my parenting skills, so let me address any issues you (and others) may point out.

  1. Yes, that is a bottle of wine behind my son.  Chuck and I are both over the legal drinking age of 21 and typically consume wine every night.  Yes, you read that correctly: Every. Night.  What you don't see is that there were actually TWO bottles of wine on that table.  We have a case of wine that we believe has turned and we were checking one bottle against the other.  The bottles are still sitting out - unfinished - because I'm pretty sure they have turned and we have a pile of wasted wine sitting in our storage room now.  If anyone likes vinegary tasting wine, please let me know and I'll gladly give this stuff to you.
  2. Yes, George is wearing his school uniform to bed.  The kids don't usually change into pajamas.  They have them.  I buy them new sets every year, but they just don't do it.  Probably because we don't bathe them every night.  I admit it.  I'm a bad mother.  Oh well.  I'll get over it and so will they, so long as they don't become the smelly kid in class.  So, the kids either wear their school uniform shirts to bed (I insist that they take off their pants and socks), or they just wear their underwear to bed.  Typically, G would be in his underwear, so I'm glad he was wearing his uniform or else I wouldn't have been able to share this confession with him just in his underwear.
  3. Also, I wasn't there when they were put to bed.  Chuck was in charge that night.  All inquiries regarding the process should be directed to him.  Although, I'm pretty sure it went something like this. 
          Chuck: Kids, go upstairs and brush your teeth and go to bed.
          Kids (in unison):  Awwwwweeee...uuuuugggghhhhh......maaaaaaaannnnn!  We never get to
          stay up!
          Chuck: Go to bed anyway.  And I don't want to hear any talking.
          So, yeah, that's it.  If you are interested in signing up for our next parenting classes, please let me know.  It's a full day of training in which you observe us boss our kids around and drink wine.  It's a pretty good deal too.  All you have to do is bring over a case of wine or champagne, and we will demonstrate our mad parenting skillz (with a 'z' because we are hip and cool).

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kurzy3 said...

Hilarious!! Saw the FB post, but reading this after seeing the post makes me LOL!! Have a great week!!!