Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey out there!  Hope you all had a very happy new year!  Here's hoping 2014 is fantastic!  I have to admit that even though I made a major life change (for the better) in 2013 -- quitting my job to spend more time with my kids, it wasn't the most glorious year otherwise.  Instead of focusing on our challenges, I've chosen to focus on the amazing blessings we experienced:
  • Healthy children
  • Healthy parents and family
  • My ability to spend more time with my children
  • Chuck's company - even though owning your business is not for the weak
  • A beautiful home over our roofs and plenty of food on our table
  • Spending the summer with my nephew Colt
  • Welcoming my niece Amber into our home and our family as she attends college here in Fort Worth
  • Taking a cruise with Chuck's entire family to celebrate his parents' 50th wedding anniversary
  • Taking a month to work on a novel
  • Going camping with our dear friends for Spring Break - my first time!
  • Spending time at the lake with family and friends
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with Mrs. Chesapeake and her beautiful, wonderful family
  • Going on a surprise Disney cruise
  • Celebrating our friend's 40th birthday in Chicago
  • Celebrating Christmas with both of our families with every single person in attendance!
  • And so many other things!
Life is truly wonderful and good, even when there were plenty of things that could have brought this year down.  I'm truly looking forward to 2014.  I want to make this year extraordinary!  Here are my resolutions this year.  They aren't small, but they are achievable, and I'm determined to make these happen!
  1. Run a marathon - this is really intimidating to me!
  2. Pray with my children on the way to school every day, even if it's just a quicky.
  3. Yell at my children less - seriously, this is basically limited to the mornings before school, but geez, they get me everyday and usually in front of the perfect neighbors.
  4. And here's the biggie - Blog more.  Yeah, I know I've sucked it up for the last year.  I've used the excuse that I'm getting used to my new life.  Well, it isn't "new" anymore, so time to get back to it.
I love you all and wish you a very happy 2014.  If you see me slipping on any of my resolutions, please call me out!  Hugs and best wishes to all of you!


Angie said...

Great list! I wish you the best of luck on all of them! :)

Theresa said...

Thanks Angie!