Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is this really part of parenthood?

I was trying to talk to one of my friends online, but I was pulled away. I never ever imagined that parenthood would include me writing the following:

Sorry, I had to run upstairs to find out what crisis was keeping the kids from sleeping. Turns out Luke couldn't get his toenails "off his mind" so he chewed them and chewed one too much so he was crying because it hurt. Where did this child come from???? Gross.

*sigh* Really? This is really part of parenthood? Really?

I guess so.


Lisa said...

eeeeewwww! boys are icky arent they? ;-)

Angie said...

He must be Chuck's kid. :)

P.S. Is that okay? Can I say that without every meeting the poor guy? :)

Mary said...

Yuck - but yes - the weirdest stuff happens as a mother. You never thought you would have to say, "Get your tongue out of your nose" either. Certainly makes life more interesting though!

Theresa said...

@ Angie - Yes, you can totally say that! The truth is that Chuck has an obsession with touching his toes and it drives me bonkers! He got it from his dad, and Luke got it from Chuck. Now admittedly, Chuck does not bite his toenails. Disgusting.

The Potters said...

LOL! That email totally made me giggle... ;)