Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Movie Quote 74 & Bobcat Badge

Luke is a Cub Scout.
Last week he got his Bobcat Badge.
He is so funny.

He was so mad when I had to wash off the paint before he went to bed.

You know I'm new to this parenting thing -- at least when it comes to being the parent of a six year old boy. I'm honestly surprised by a lot of things all the time. Most recently, I was surprised by what it took to earn this badge. Part of earning his Bobcat Badge involved having to discuss how no one should touch his private parts, among other things. It seemed so odd to have to discuss that with him, but it's probably the smart thing to do, and better now than when it is too late. Lucky for me, Chuck handled the discussion, but I sat in the next room with my eyes wide in shock.
On an somewhat related note, everytime I hear "Bobcat" I always think of this movie where the main character says, "I don't do bobcat, but I can do pretzel."
Here's another quote from that movie that Chuck and I say all the time. And I mean All. The. Time.
Well that's just silly. Have you met everyone on the planet?


Angela said...

Two Weeks Notice?

Joan said...

Super Pictures of your funny boy!
No, I have absolutely no idea what movie this is from. Gee Whiz, I am so lame about your movies!

Theresa said...

It is Two Weeks Notice. Good job Angela!

Mom said...

I don't remember the boys getting their faces painted or the privates discussion when the boys were in cub-scouts. Love the pictures.

Theresa said...

Mom, I am sure that the privates discussion is a new thing based on the increased incidents with the Catholic Church and other organizations that face pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

We have had to do the privates discussion with Shawn all along and of course, now with Ethan. Every time we switch a pack we try to explain we have already had "the talk" but we are still required to do it again. Oh well, better safe than sorry. CONGRATS LUKE!