Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We have a cute little neighbor girl that lives in the guest house next door. (Yeah, not my guest house - we don't have a guest house - the monstrosity of a house next door has a guest house.) So, we only just really met her a month ago and it turns out she's already moving away for a job north of Dallas. So sad. She's so much fun and adores the kids - mostly George. She stops by for wine in the evenings and we chat and talk about her new boyfriend, her ex-fiance, and her family. She is so much fun and we're so sad to see her go already. Isn't it strange how people can so suddenly come into your life and so suddenly leave, and yet you can feel like you've known them forever?

My mom and Chuck's parents met her last night when everyone happened to randomly converge on the house (while I was wearing my pajamas and no makeup). Of course, she was a hit and even gave my mom a hug before she left to go back to her guest house. What luck we have.


Angie said...

I love people like this. I with they would come into our lives more often. The good news is that they seem to come just when we need them the most.

P.S. Your neighbors sound interesting. Mine are mostly Amish. :)

Mary said...

How fun - I wish I was there.

Theresa said...

Amish??? That's interesting. My neighbors are actually very interesting, but I don't know them very well because we are so rarely at home. Taylor has been fantastic!

Mom said...

It was great fun last night. She really had me laughing so hard.